NLF Backlight

The innovative backlighting system for membrane keypads

By using our innovative NLF technology, almost all backlighting needs can be implemented in a sturdy, compact and cost-efficient way, from a single key to a large area.


  • Even light distribution
  • Thanks to the use of side LEDs, no expensive and EMC-ESD problematic converters / inverters are necessary for triggering.
    • The LEDs can be operated with low DC voltage without any additional complex circuitry – even with battery operation
  • LEDs have a long operating life
    • > 500,000 cycles acc. to DIN 42115
    • Suitable for use in applications with permanent keypad illumination
  • Almost all backlighting requirements can be implemented in a compact and cost-effective way
  • Both single keys and large areas can be backlit (including individually, i.e. separately from each other)



Field of application

  • Wherever the keypad is also to be operated under dark ambient conditions
  • As an alternative to the well-known EL membrane
  • Not as an alternative to Profiline back-lit,because thanks to the high embossing, this technology has an improved tactile action point