For dark ambient conditions: Profiline backlit!

The back-lit Profiline keypad is constructed in a similar way to the standard Profiline keypad.

The light from an LED positioned under the snap dome is integrated and dispersed in the acrylic inlay of the Profiline key. This creates homogeneous illumination.

  • The key area is clear lacquered, max. ø 10.0 mm
  • Key height: approx. 12 mm, tolerance +/- 0.2 mm
  • Installation height of the keypad: approx. 1.6mm, tolerance +/- 10%
  • Actuation force: approx. 5N

The back-lit Profiline keypad has additional advantages such as operating life, lower power consumption and its haptic benefits in comparison with EL-membranes. This technology makes it possible to illuminate the keys separately – the light passes through a hole in the special snap dome into the integrated acrylic inlay, where it is scattered accordingly. The easy-to-feel key element makes it much easier to use.

For some time now, BOPLA has been offering a simple way to illuminate keys. By integrating a very small but high-performance LED, and by using a special snapping panel (with hole), we make very homogeneous illumination possible with the help of the inlays in our Profiline technology. In contrast to the EL- membrane, individual keys can also light up selectively.

Now there are many more opportunities, thanks to the use of a special RGB-LED which also makes it possible for a key to light up in different colours. In addition to classic red, green or blue, a very wide range of mixed colours can be created with the appropriate triggering. This means that it is possible for a single key to display various situations. For example: locked status = red / switched on = green / Bluetooth connection = blue / charging = white, etc.

In addition to the already available Profiline back-lit membrane keypads we now offer an advanced version

The main difference between the new and the old Profiline back-lit version is the combination of the switch- and the light layer – these layers have been integrated on seperate layers.

With the help of special LEDs and a specific processing of the inlays a better lighting can be guarateed – of course, a durable use is possible. 

The membrane consists of standard surface-material – for outdoor use we do also offer this membrane keypad made from UV-stabilised polyester. 

Other technical data: 

  • Front membrane: typ. Autotex V150 XE (recommended)
  • Supply voltage: Uv= 3V typ.
  • Electricity: Iv = 20 mA max.
  • Embossing hight: 0 or 1,8 mm - 2 mm max.
  • Key area: 8 mm min. – 15 mm max.
  • Key distance: 25 mm min.
  • Basis space required / Key: 250 mm/min.