General information

When you can recognise these icons, you know the most important characteristics of each product series at a glance. Icons with a continuous outer circle describe a standard characteristic of the product series or one of its variants. Icons with a dotted outer circle describe a characteristic which is achieved with the product series by means of in-factory processing, coating, or similar.

IP degree of protection

Maximum degree of protection acc. to IEC/EN 60529 which can be achieved with this product series. For some product series, for example, a seal may be required and is available as an accessory.

IK degree of protection

Maximum impact protection acc. to IEC/EN 62262 which can be achieved with the product series.

Flammability rating UL94 V-0

The product series, or some variants, are manufactured of a flame-retardant plastic with a flammability rating of UL 94 V-0 / 5V.

Variable in dimensions

The product series is manufactured using profile technology, so the dimensions are variable.

EMC protection

Basic EMC protection is dependent on the design and can be increased if necessary by means of standard accessories.

Railway standard DIN EN 45545

The material in the product series complies with the requirements of railway standard DIN EN 45545 for use with maximum hazard level HL3.

UV protection

The product series or some variants are manufactured from plastics whose certification acc. to UL 746 C means that they are suitable for outdoor use.


The product range and some variants have integrated cooling fins for better dissipation of power loss.

Seawater-resistant version

On request, seawater-resistant versions are available with an additional anti-corrosion coating.


The enclosures in this series can be locked. For some product series, a lock (available as an accessory) is required.

Wall mounting

The enclosures in this product series can be mounted on a wall without the need for additional processing. Wall brackets (available as accessories) are required for some product series.

Mast mounting

The enclosures in this product series can be attached to a mast by means of a mounting (available as an accessory).

Battery compartment

The product series has variants with an integrated battery compartment.

Hinged catch

The product series is fitted with an integrated hinge, so the lid is captive. For some product series, a hinge (available as an accessory) is required.