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Environmentally-friendly – BOPLA enclosures for renewable energies

Whether wind or solar equipment, hydroelectric power stations or e-mobility – without inverters and electronic control units, power is not fed into the public grid and to the end users. In many cases, this equipment, so also the switchgear, is exposed to the wind, weather and UV radiation. This means that electronics enclosures which are used in this sector must be really tough.

A high level of ingress protection (IP) and, for use in offshore plants, excellent resistance against the corrosive effects of salt water – these are important features which the enclosures must provide. Electronic enclosures are usually mounted on walls, so the enclosure system must be equipped for this. If the enclosures are used in switch cabinets, the enclosure systems must also provide the option of DIN rail mounting.

The following electronics enclosures comply with these requirements, so they are ideal for use in the renewable energies sector:

Examples of existing projects

Components of an electric motor for adjusting rotor blades in wind energy turbines
Device for measuring the strength of solar radiation, in particular for monitoring photovoltaic installations