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Futura / Portas / Bopult

These desktop enclosures are distinguished by their ergonomic design

Futura / Portas / Bopult - Enclosures
  • 11 variants
  • Depending on the version, the lids can be turned by 180°
  • T 900 with collapsible display area


Depending on the model: light grey, similar to RAL 7035 or black, similar to RAL 9005
Protection class
Depending on the model: IP 40/DIN EN 60529 or IP 54/DIN EN 60529
Enclosure material
ABS; for details see Technical Information


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  • All F versions, and also enclosure BP 810, are equipped with a 1 mm recessed membrane keypad area.
  • The RO versions: Plug-in aluminium panel for easy processing or separate mounting of interfaces.
  • The T 900 enclosure has a collapsible display area on the lid.
  • Futura: Enclosure consisting of two identical half-shells which can be used as a console enclosure or desktop enclosure when turned by 180°.
  • Futura: Because of a prepared sealing contour in the half-shells, the enclosures can be upgraded to IP 54.
  • Bopult: The PCB is retained by the screwing of the enclosure half-shells (no additional screwing necessary).
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