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BoTouch front frame, anodised aluminium

BoTouch BoTouch front frame, anodised aluminium
ModelOrder no.ABIPDisplay max.
BTA 5.7-Alu78020571*182155655.7"
BTA 7.0-Alu78020701*222155657"
BTA 8.4-Alu78020841*260215658.4"
BTA 10.4-Alu78021041*3102556510.4"
BTA 12.1-Alu78021211*3502856512.1"
Note: The front frame is also available anodised or powder-coated.
** The front membrane is manufactured/printed to customer specifications.
Scope of delivery: 1 front frame with fitted CR seal

BoTouch rear hood, sheet steel, 1mm

BoTouch BoTouch rear hood, sheet steel, 1mm
ModelOrder no.IPNote
BTA 5.7-RH7805057065For BTA 5.7-Alu
BTA 7.0-RH7805070065For BTA 7.0-Alu
BTA 8.4-RH7805084065For BTA 8.4-Alu
BTA 10.4-RH7805104065For BTA 10.4-Alu
BTA 12.1-RH7805121065For BTA 12.1-Alu
Scope of delivery: 1 rear hood, distance bolts, screws for rear hood mounting, 4 clamps for control panel mounting

BoTouch Aluminium Starter kit

BoTouch BoTouch Aluminium Starter kit
ModelOrder no.ABCIPNote
BTA 5.7-Starter-Kit78020571.MT118215556655.7"; Display: G-ETV570G0DHU
BTA 7.0-Starter-Kit78020701.MT122215556657"; Display: G-ET0700G8DH6
Scope of delivery:
- 1 enclosure front
- 1 single-colour back-printed front membrane
- 1 display G-ET... fully mounted with display retaining plate
- 1 rear hood including distance bolts, screws and clamps
- 1 aluminium mounting panel (2 mm)

* = Available on request