Design seal, IP65

BoLink Design seal, IP65
Model Order no. Colour
BL 7040 DI-9005 16374005 Black
BL 7040 DI-9016 16374003 White
BL 7040 DI-3001 16374001 Signal red
BL 7040 DI-5005 16374002 Signal blue
Scope Of Delivery:
5 seals

Pressure compensation membrane DAE

BoLink Pressure compensation membrane DAE
Model Order no. Note
DAE-D11 52011000 Self-adhesive membrane ø 11 mm
Air, which may create a vacuum in the enclosure when it cools, can suck in water etc. through the seal into the enclosure, which means that ingress protection can no longer be guaranteed. BOPLA's product range includes the pressure compensation element to compensate such variations in pressure caused by differences in temperature.

Processing of the enclosure and mounting on request.
Scope Of Delivery:
5 pieces