• IP degree of protection: Maximum degree of protection acc. to IEC/EN 60529 which can be achieved with this product series. For some product series, for example, a seal may be required and is available as an accessory.
  • Flammability rating UL94 V-0: The product series, or some variants, are manufactured of a flame-retardant plastic with a flammability rating of UL 94 V-0.
  • Railway standard DIN EN 45545: The material in the product series complies with the requirements of railway standard DIN EN 45545 for use with maximum hazard level HL3.
  • UV protection: The product series or some variants are manufactured from plastics whose certification acc. to UL 746 C means that they are suitable for outdoor use.
  • Wall mounting: The enclosures in this product series can be mounted on a wall without the need for additional processing. Wall brackets (available as accessories) are required for some product series.


The intelligent and versatile enclosure system for modern IoT sensor technology

  • 1 basic size
  • 3 heights
  • 2 colours
  • 3 variants (without wall brackets, with wall brackets, with wall brackets and lid fixing on top)
  • Design seal optional
  • PC material is suitable for outdoor use due to f1-listing according to UL 746C

Enclosure concept


The different variants: With and without wall brackets, and screwing from the front and behind.
Pressure compensation by mounting the DAE-D11 pressure compensation membrane. For this purpose, drill (or punch) a hole in the moulded contour from the inside and glue the membrane in position.
Ingress protection IP 65 by means of design seal; available in various colours. This increases the electronics mounting height by approx. 1.7mm.
Other colours can be used depending on the project, for example translucent.
A 1.6 mm thick PCB can be clamped directly between the enclosure parts and optionally hot-caulked via two pins.
Without wall brackets
Recessed membrane area (0.6 mm) in the lid and base; interfaces can be fitted on four sides.



Black, similar to RAL 9005;
White, similar to RAL 9003;
Special colours on request

Protection Class

IP 40; with seal: IP 65 DIN EN 60529

Enclosure Material

Enclosure: PC UL 94 V0 (PC V-0 material is flame-resistant, self-extinguishing and suitable for outdoor use; f1 listing acc. to UL 746C)

Seal: TPE

For details see technical information

Application examples


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