Metal enclosures

Metal enclosures from BOPLA: High-quality and adaptable

Sturdy metal enclosures are especially suitable for use in mechanical and plant engineering, or when electromagnetic screening (EMC) is required. BOPLA offers a wide range of metal enclosures in various versions and sizes, and accessories can be added to these. However, not all metal enclosures are the same. For example, there are different metals which all have different characteristics. We manufacture both standard and customer-specific metal enclosures using different processes and alloys: aluminium die-cast enclosures, die-cast enclosures made of zinc or magnesium, steel or aluminium sheet metal enclosures, and profile enclosures made of extruded aluminium profiles. Profile enclosures, in particular, offer unlimited flexibility with regard to length – it is extremely easy to get the individual lengths that you want, right down to the last millimetre! Of course, all metal enclosures can be processed individually, and processes such as coatings (including with metal) or printing, can be used at any time. Nowadays our customers often require their enclosures to be fitted with membrane keypads as standard, and this is a service which we are happy to provide.