Display enclosures

Display systems in a display enclosure: a guaranteed clever solution

Display enclosures protect their sensitive TFT and LCD displays against the hazards of harsh industrial environments, e.g. dust, splashing water or mechanical influences. BOPLA's very wide range of enclosure series is ideal for use as display enclosures. The modular construction of individual display enclosure types allows use in many situations, for example as desktop enclosures, wall-mounted enclosures or for mounting on a support arm system. We can supply enclosures made of metal or plastic. Both types of enclosures have different characteristics, and these have an effect on your display enclosure. In addition to the level of IP protection, we can point to the sturdiness and the resistance to heat and chemicals. All display enclosures can be processed: our team is always here to help you with printing, mechanical processing or an individual membrane keypad.