DIN rail enclosures

Ready for the rail: BOPLA's DIN rail enclosures

DIN rail enclosures are frequently used for measurement, control and instrumentation applications, and the preference is for mounting on standard DIN rails. Such applications are often individual, so a wide range of DIN rail enclosures is required – BOPLA's series meet this challenge. Whether they are made of plastic or metal, with or without a bus connection, with or without air vents: the range of products for this special type of enclosure is enormous.

Of course, all DIN rail enclosures can be fitted with terminals, and these are also part of our offer, together with additional accessories (hoods, front panels, earthing sets, etc.). For use as an integrated status display, the enclosures can be fitted mechanically and at any time with a cut-out which incorporates a display window and a matching membrane keypad.