Aluminium profile enclosures

Variable in length: Profile enclosures / aluminium profile enclosures from BOPLA

A profile enclosure may be made of aluminium and also of plastic. Our profile enclosures are mainly made of aluminium. The body of such an enclosure consists of an aluminium extruded profile which, depending on the version, is light with extremely thin walls, or alternatively very sturdy with thick walls. Depending on the type of enclosure, closed profile, snap-on half-shell profiles or profiles open on one side are available which are variable in length. This provides lots of space for processing of the electronics. In addition, the profile enclosure/aluminium profile enclosure allows easy insertion of PCBs into moulded mounting grooves. Various versions in diecast metal or plastic are available as end covers. Of course, the profile enclosures are easy to process mechanically, and individual colouring is possible from a single unit and up. The flush fitting of all kinds of membrane keypads / HMIs can be guaranteed on the top side of the enclosure or on one of the end covers. Our range includes a large number of profile enclosures in various sizes and dimensions. Many profile enclosures provide high levels of ingress protection up to IP66 / IP68.