Metal enclosures

Advantages of special enclosures made of metal:

  • Very small quantities produced at lower cost than plastic enclosures
  • Good opportunities for EMC screening and for conducting connections (for VDE)
  • Ideal for use in difficult ambient conditions (high level of chemical and temperature resistance)
  • Low-cost alterations to the enclosure design are always possible
  • High level of stability
  • High level of impact strength

Interzoll Case
A cost-effective metal enclosure – individual and tailor-made

  • project-specific enclosures using stamping and bending technology

  • Variants: Console enclosures, desktop enclosures, DIN rail enclosures, monitor enclosures, cavity wall installation enclosures, 19” enclosures

  • small production runs (50 pieces)

  • Interzoll Case 19” acc. to DIN IEC 60297-3-101

The demand for panel enclosures is growing all the time, so we are providing more information on this type of metal enclosure:

Panel enclosures are becoming more and more popular – for example, they are used to allow the monitoring and analysis of certain manufacturing processes. Many customers are very interested in having their own machine and system control unit, fitted with a large display.


A panel enclosure consists of the following parts:

  • front panel

  • input device (touch screen, membrane keypad, etc), and

  • rear-fitted cover made of stainless steel, aluminium or sheet steel, galvanised, chromated, anodised, lacquered or powder-coated as required

An enclosure of this type is generally fitted in a switch cabinet, a wall, or even directly inside the machine. It is important to point out that touch screens are especially popular, so attention must always be drawn to the availability of this technology.

BOPLA's panel enclosures are always adapted to our customers' individual requirements. For some sizes we already have design data on the basis of standard display sizes which we can relatively easily modify and adapt to customers' needs. Of course, in addition to the design and manufacture of panel enclosures, BOPLA can offer many more services in connection with enclosures, for example making break-outs for connectors, or air vents for heat extraction, printing, the assembly of all components, or sophisticated packaging for the end product.

Design data already exist for some standard sizes. We can relatively easily modify these to meet your specific needs – in some cases, samples are already available.


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