Plastic enclosures

Advantages of special enclosures made of plastic:

  • Sophisticated designs
  • Lightweight
  • Low unit costs
  • In parts resistant to aggressive environmental influences (rain, salt water)

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Examples of completed projects

One of our projects: individual BOPLA enclosure for water treatment

With its Type 8905 online analysis system, Bürkert is marketing a compact, modular-expandable complete system which monitors the treatment of drinking water and industrial process water. In order to protect the electronics and sensor modules, and specifically for Bürkert, BOPLA has developed a sturdy two-part enclosure which meets the requirements of the modular system.

In developing the Type 8905 online analysis system, Bürkert placed particular value on miniaturisation and modularisation. This also required a special enclosure concept, as Holger Ransiek, a member of BOPLA’s design staff, explains: “Bürkert France already had an idea of what the plastic enclosure should look like, and developed a prototype for the application. We then implemented everything with the aid of a plastic injection moulding tool. You get everything from a single source from us – we deliver not only the injection-moulded parts for plastic enclosures. For example, in other projects we also offer the complete electronics or the matching membrane keypads.”

What was needed for the analysis system was a modular-expandable two-part enclosure with the special function of a hinged cover and a multi-touch display unit. In addition, the plastic enclosure was expected to comply with the requirements of protection class IP65.

Customer-specific enclosure solutions for touch applications

The enclosure and display solutions are always designed to meet the customer’s individual requirements. For this purpose, the customer can choose from an impressive range of standard products, or, as Bürkert says, decide on a completely customer-specific product. BOPLA’s designers can turn to comprehensive databases for many applications, such as the integration of touch displays. This means that the existing standardised set of parameters can quickly and efficiently be adapted to the relevant project specifications. Depending on the customer’s wishes, BOPLA will manufacture the right enclosure for a display unit supplied by the customer, or will supply an enclosure – including a touch screen – in accordance with the customer’s specifications. In addition to the design and manufacture of the multi-touch enclosures, BOPLA provides more enclosure-related services. These include the integration of break-outs for connectors etc., ventilation slots for heat dissipation, printing, the mounting of all the components, or the high-quality packing of the final unit.