Terminal enclosures

BOPLA metal or plastic terminal enclosures: the choice is yours

Some of our aluminium and plastic enclosures were designed especially for the fitting of modular terminals on DIN rails or the fitting of electrical components. The main feature of terminal enclosures is their optimal and non-tip mounting options for the fitting of a DIN rail, and they are available in numerous sizes and materials. We will be happy to take on the mounting of the required terminals, and can advise you on positioning. In most cases, processing of the terminal enclosures is now carried out directly by the BOPLA team, because this minimises the customer's risk of rejects. Accessories such as matching DIN rails, rubber feet or wall brackets complete the range. 


  • 89x80x47mm up to 284x364x120mm
  • IP66/IP67
  • Graphite grey / Light grey
  • 22 sizes; optional crystal-clear cover
  • Hinge technology; mounting without screws
  • For outdoor use (f1 listing acc. to UL 746C)

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Bocube Alu

  • 121x86x60mm up to 299x173x90mm
  • IP66/IP67/IP69
  • Graphite grey / Light grey
  • 8 sizes; diecast aluminium
  • Listed under UL file no. 196 706
  • Hinge technology; concealed screws

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Element / Universal

  • 65x50x30mm up to 188x110x120mm
  • Up to IP40
  • Light grey / Graphite grey
  • 12 or 3 sizes
  • Air vents / Keypad surface
  • Snap lock
  • Quick-release fastener

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Euromas ABS / PC

  • 52x50x35mm up to 340x120x120mm
  • Up to IP67
  • Light grey
  • 36 sizes
  • UL 94 V0 versions available
  • Terminals and mounting possible on request

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Euromas-Aluminium / F05

  • 80x45x30mm up to 600x600x203mm
  • IP66
  • Silver grey / Black
  • 43 sizes (optional crystal-clear cover)
  • High temperature resistance (approx. 200°C)
  • seawater-resistant versions

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Euromas Polyester

  • 58x64x34mm up to 400x250x121mm
  • IP66
  • Squirrel grey
  • 27 sizes
  • Listing under UL file no. E 196 706
  • Terminals and mounting possible on request

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  • 78x45x18mm up to 175x80x57mm
  • IP65
  • Silver grey
  • 5 sizes (optional transparent cover)
  • With or without cable gland
  • Quick-release fastener (optional)

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Euromas II

  • 52x50x37mm up to 300x160x120mm
  • IP65
  • Light grey
  • 29 sizes (optionally with keypad surface)
  • PC or ABS materials
  • Plug-in slots for PCBs

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