Sensor enclosures

Sensor enclosures and network enclosures available in many variants

Sensor enclosures and network enclosures are ideal for the interlinking of various devices and applications. They protect the electronics, so they play an important role in ensuring that the internet of things (IoT) functions without any problems. In the enclosure sector, the term "Internet of Things" (IoT) stands for electronic devices which receive, collect, evaluate and forward data – from sensors to communication nodes right up to gateways to the internet. Our product range includes the appropriate sensor enclosure and network enclosure for every IoT application. Our new IoT enclosures are an ideal addition to the range, as they cover every size requirement from small to large.

Sensor enclosure series with 18 variants

"The very compact sensor enclosure made of flame-retardant, self-extinguishing PC UL94 V-0 is 70 mm long and 42 mm wide. It provides space for a sensor, radio module and power supply, and thanks to the moulded holder for the integration of a pressure compensation element, it is also suitable for outdoor use. Depending on the type of the required power consumption of the radio technology, BOPLA offers the small sensor enclosure in three heights: 15 mm for a button cell, 22 mm for three AAA micro batteries, and 26 mm for a CR 14250 lithium battery. With a basic mould and various inserts for the moulding of different enclosure heights, wall brackets and screwing systems, a total of 18 variants of the basic IoT enclosure type can be produced.
Each height is available in three different versions :

  • with wall fitting and front access for easy battery replacement
  • with wall fitting and rear screwing system for a “clean” look
  • with rear screwing system and without mounting brackets

In addition, every variant of the sensor enclosures is available in two IP protection classes :

  • without a seal: IP 40
  • with a seal: IP 65

If necessary, by fitting the seal, the installation height of the electronics space can be increased by 1.5 mm. "

We offer you the following services for these products:

01 Mechanische Bearbeitung


02 Bedrucken


03 Laserbeschriften

Laser marking

05 Bestuecken


06 EMV Beschichten

EMC coating

09 Wunschfarbe

Preferred colour

13 Tastaturen

Membrane keypads

07 Touch Display

Touch / display integration

08 Montieren


11 Pruefen


12 Verpackung

Individual packing

10 Musterservice

Sample service