Enclosures up to IP 40

Enclosures with up to IP 40 protection are often sufficiently protected

BOPLA provides the right enclosure for every application. For indoor or outdoor applications, as a wall-mounted, desktop or console enclosure, our aim is always to give your high-quality electronics secure protection. Our enclosures are all tested according to IEC 529. Details of the protection class are indicated by means of a code, which consists of the letters IP and two digits for the level of protection. The first digit has two meanings: the level of protection for people, and for equipment. The second digit refers to the level of protection against water, and states how closed the surface of the enclosure is, i.e. the level of protection which it gives against water and dust. The tongue and groove system, the seal and the screwing points all have an effect on the level of protection which an enclosure offers. As long as the regulations for the complete device do not specify a minimum level of protection, no standard rules exist regarding the importance of a level of protection in the wide range of electronic applications, and it must be specified on an individual basis.

Any decision regarding this has a major effect on the choice of enclosure and also on the price, which is why the market only offers a small selection of enclosures with the IP X8 level of protection, and they are expensive. If you choose an enclosure with a lower level of protection, you will have a much wider choice at a lower cost. However, please note that information on ingress protection refers to unprocessed enclosures without taking into consideration factors such as ageing, temperature changes etc.

We offer you the following services for these products:

01 Mechanische Bearbeitung


02 Bedrucken


03 Laserbeschriften

Laser marking

05 Bestuecken


06 EMV Beschichten

EMC coating

09 Wunschfarbe

Preferred colour

13 Tastaturen

Membrane keypads

07 Touch Display

Touch / display integration

08 Montieren


11 Pruefen


12 Verpackung

Individual packing

10 Musterservice

Sample service