Console enclosures

Easy operation with BOPLA's console enclosures

Our console enclosures can be used in many situations, from check-out systems to telecommunications systems to mini PCs. This requires a wide range of console enclosures, and we achieve this by offering a large choice of materials, designs and sizes. The features of the series of enclosures are completed by design elements such as coloured seals which create the corporate identity that customers ask for.

Of course, adaptations to the console enclosures can be produced at any time, and at low cost, by using BOPLA's in-house manufacturing processes. A recessed area makes possible the fitting of membrane keypads of all kinds. We have many years of successful experience of designing and manufacturing membrane keypads, so we can always offer you products which suit your needs. All our console enclosures are designed in accordance with ergonomic principles, so they are always comfortable to use.

Advantages of our console enclosures:

  • up to protection class IP65
  • for optimal use in medical or laboratory technology
  • ergonomic enclosures – easy to operate!
  • a recessed surface for fitting a membrane keypad

Examples of applications in the console enclosure sector:

To match your new console enclosure: HMI systems and membrane keypads for every requirement

  • High-quality processing
  • User-friendly operation thanks to functional keys and additional individual features
  • Ideal for customer-specific designs – both technically and with regard to design
  • Resistant to the effects of industrial environments
  • Suitable for integration in electronics enclosures and your own operating units


  • 130x75x26 mm up to 285x198x46 mm
  • Up to IP65
  • Black / White
  • 5 basic sizes (flat / inclined)
  • Battery compartment, design seal, impact protection
  • for touch screens / displays

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  • 181x53x150 mm up to 181x68x300 mm
  • IP40
  • Natural-coloured anodised
  • 4 standard lengths; 2 heights
  • Additional dimensions on request
  • Recessed membrane keypad area in the lid

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  • 67x125x40mm up to 112x200x64mm
  • IP40
  • Light grey / Agate grey
  • 3 sizes, quick-release fastener (optional)
  • Display screen / Keypad surface
  • 1mm recessed keypad surface

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  • 158x199x100mm up to 290x199x120mm
  • IP40
  • Light grey / Agate grey
  • 4 sizes
  • Recessed, closed console area
  • Aluminium or plastic rear panels

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Futura / Bopult

  • 125x150x31mm up to 280x245x32mm
  • Up to IP54
  • Light grey / Black
  • 11 variants
  • Depending on the version, can be installed turned
  • T 900 with collapsible display area

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Interzoll Case

  • 44x483x180mm up to 133x483x300mm
  • Up to IP40
  • Untreated/anodised aluminium
  • Standard and EMC version
  • Customer-specific sizes are possible
  • Cost-effective stamping and bending process

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We offer you the following services for these products:



Laser marking


EMC coating

Preferred colour

Membrane keypads

Touch / display integration



Individual packing

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