Aluminium enclosures

Functional aluminium enclosures for harsh environments

These are the advantages of aluminium enclosures from BOPLA:

Aluminium enclosures from BOPLA are especially sturdy, with a protection class of up to IP69. Our enclosures can score points both with their design and their protection function. Plain or elegant, large or small – we offer you a wide range of aluminium enclosures for your applications.

All empty aluminium enclosures can be processed individually. We use processes such as coating, laser marking or printing – every time, and custom-designed. What’s more, the following functional accessories are examples of what is available for your aluminium enclosure:

  • Various end covers or mounting lids
  • Design seals in a range of colours
  • Wall fittings
  • Caps
  • Tip-up feet
  • Front panels
  • Battery compartments

The Bocube Alu aluminium enclosures provide maximum protection

In the protection class test according to DIN EN 60529, the sturdy aluminium enclosures Bocube Alu prove that they protect sensitive electronics not only under harsh ambient conditions but also against high-pressure water jets. This means that in addition to protection classes IP66 (strong jets of water) and IP67 (immersion under 1m for 30 minutes), we can also guarantee protection class IP69.

  • IP66 – protects against strong water jets
  • IP68 – submerged in 1,2 metre for 120 minutes
  • IP69  – high-pressure water jets


These are the special features of our Bocube Alu aluminium enclosure:

  • Eight different enclosure sizes
  • All enclosure components – including the hinges – are made of metal and cannot be detached from the enclosure
  • The sturdy electronics enclosures provide mounting space for rectangular PCBs
  • The recessed front surface gives special protection to the electronic components
  • The enclosure base has a special moulded-on contour for pressure compensation elements
  • The enclosure screws are concealed
  • Natural-coloured anodised hinges and covers create an elegant contrast to the graphite-grey powder lacquering (similar to RAL 7024)
  • As an alternative, the enclosures are available in light grey (similar to RAL 7035), and the hinges can be supplied in special colours on request


►Video tip: What happens if you don’t use a pressure compensation element?

Examples of applications in the aluminium enclosure sector:

The right system for every requirement

BOPLA offers you a range of aluminium enclosures to meet your needs: from customised aluminium enclosures to standard enclosures to different protection classes of your choice. At BOPLA you can find enclosures made of aluminium for your company in different sizes, colours and designs – the right system for every requirement.

Aluminium enclosures for industrial and other applications must comply with the specified requirements and also be both user-friendly and have a stylish design. This is where you can benefit from BOPLA’s know-how, and we are happy to advise you about the individual aluminium enclosure which is right for you. Just ask us!

Are you looking for tailor-made enclosures which include additional services such as the integration of membrane keypads / HMIs, the mounting of electronic components, and function tests? Then we are the right partner for you, because we offer individual solutions for every requirement.

Our aluminium enclosures – find the right model to meet your needs


  • 57x32x100 mm up to 210x74x1000 mm
  • Up to IP65
  • Black
  • 3 profile variants
  • 9 profile cross-sections
  • Special lengths available at short notice
  • Functional end covers

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  • 143x145x56 mm up to 578x578x100 mm
  • IP65
  • Black / Light grey
  • Length and width individually adaptable
  • 16 standard sizes ex-warehouse for each height
  • Base plates and top covers made of aluminium

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  • 25x75x42mm up to 68x105x990mm
  • Up to IP40
  • Natural-coloured anodised
  • 2 basic sizes; 7 standard sizes
  • Variable positioning of the modules
  • For use as single-board enclosure

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  • 74x33x100mm up to 187x55x100mm
  • Up to IP66 / IP68 – 1.2m (2 hours)
  • Graphite grey / Silver
  • 3 profile variants
  • 4 profile cross-sections
  • Functional end covers
  • Design seals in 5 colours

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Bocube Alu

  • 121x86x60mm up to 299x173x90mm
  • IP66/IP67/IP69
  • Graphite grey / Light grey
  • 8 sizes; diecast aluminium
  • Listed under UL file no. 196 706
  • Hinge technology; concealed screws

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  • 58x22x100 mm up to 106x52x200 mm
  • Up to IP54
  • Natural-coloured anodised
  • 3 profile variants, 4 profile cross-sections
  • Special lengths available at short notice
  • Covers optional with wall fitting

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Euromas-Aluminium / F05

  • 80x45x30mm up to 600x600x203mm
  • IP66
  • Silver grey / Black
  • 43 sizes (optional crystal-clear cover)
  • High temperature resistance (approx. 200°C)
  • seawater-resistant versions

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  • 37x16x50mm up to 165x33x1000mm
  • IP40
  • Natural-coloured anodised
  • Over 100 standard enclosures
  • Keypad surface / cooling fins / wall brackets
  • Special lengths available at short notice

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Internorm Stil

  • 133x236x256mm up to 310x236x316mm
  • IP20
  • White aluminium / Anthracite grey
  • 19” enclosure in 2 heights, 3 widths, 5 depths
  • With or without ventilation
  • Tower enclosures in two sizes

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  • 100x250x184mm up to 189x464x304mm
  • Up to IP40
  • Graphite grey
  • 3 heights (2, 3, 4 U), 27 dimensions
  • Length and width individually adaptable
  • Installation of 19” components possible

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Interzoll Case

  • 44x483x180mm up to 133x483x300mm
  • Up to IP40
  • Untreated/anodised aluminium
  • Standard and EMC version
  • Customer-specific sizes are possible
  • Cost-effective stamping and bending process

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Interzoll Modul

  • 133x269x178mm up to 266x483x358mm
  • Up to IP40
  • Aluminium profiles natural-coloured anodised
  • 19” enclosure for Euro cards
  • Railway-tested versions
  • Part and plug-in front panels

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To match your new aluminium enclosure: HMI systems and membrane keypads for every requirement

  • High-quality processing
  • User-friendly operation thanks to functional keys and additional individual features
  • Ideal for customer-specific designs – both technically and with regard to design
  • Resistant to the effects of industrial environments
  • Suitable for integration in electronics enclosures and your own operating units

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Our services – BOPLA’s all-round package

We offer complete electronics enclosures for a large number of sectors, and we develop and manufacture according to your ideas. Are you looking for a standard aluminium enclosure, or for a tailor-made product? We have the right solution for you. Depending on the application, we offer you many additional services.

Here you can find BOPLA’s services which relate to the aluminium enclosure:

01 Mechanische Bearbeitung


02 Bedrucken


03 Laserbeschriften

Laser marking

05 Bestuecken


06 EMV Beschichten

EMC coating

09 Wunschfarbe

Preferred colour

13 Tastaturen

Membrane keypads

07 Touch Display

Touch / display integration

08 Montieren


11 Pruefen


12 Verpackung

Individual packing

10 Musterservice

Sample service