Catalogue 19“ enclosures

Specialist packing: 19“ enclosures from BOPLA

In data centres and the fields of laboratory and control technology, it is 19“ enclosures which are mainly used for electronic parts. In contrast to standard enclosures, 19“ enclosures are measured in rack units (RU) or horizontal pitch (HP). 19“ enclosures are very varied: for example, BOPLA supplies 19“ desktop enclosures, 19“ subrack enclosures, or enclosures to hold 19“ subracks, in metal and plastic. In addition, different shapes and sizes offer maximum flexibility, with numerous useful accessories available for our 19“ enclosure series. Detailed advice is most important for complex 19“ enclosure systems, and our highly-skilled 19“ project team is always here to help you. Of course, our offer also includes the creation of membrane keypads, and processing.