Future-oriented: Individual touch screen solutions with BoTouch

Enclosure solutions which make possible the standardised installation of commercially available displays and touch screens in different sizes are being included in BOPLA's product range.

BOPLA is currently implementing the new BoTouch series of enclosures. In addition to the integration of commercially-available displays, this series also makes possible the installation of resistive and capacitive touch screens. BOPLA has developed a special grouting compound technology for the mounting of the components, which often do not even have mounting points.

Resistive touch screens require a flexible enclosure surface, but allow, for example, the use of work gloves for operation. Capacitive touch screens can be fitted behind a solid glass surface, but require direct finger contact, such as with smart phones. In this case, scrolling functions, drop-down menus and multi-touch operations are possible.

In both cases, the integration of the touch screen can be achieved in many ways. For applications which do not permit dirt-collecting edges (medical technology or the foodstuffs sector), BOPLA also has solutions with a continuous front membrane – laminated over the entire area, or with spacer dots on the back. However, in general touch screens are largely unaffected by dirt, and are partly resistant to grease and chemicals. In addition, they are easy to clean.

Of course, this new type of mounting technology can be used to fit the future-oriented touch screen technology to many enclosures in the existing range of BOPLA products.