Virtual tour of the company

At this time it is not possible for our customers to visit Bopla Gehäuse Systeme GmbH, so we are making it possible for them to experience our products and services in the form of virtual tours of the company. At every station of the tour, clickable texts and video information provide more information. This offer is available immediately to both customers and all interested parties.

As Ralf Bokämper, BOPLA’s managing director, explains: “In normal times we regularly invite our customers to visit us in Bünde so that they can learn about our manufacturing possibilities and service offers. After all, what we do isn’t as easy as it looks at first sight.” However, the pandemic is making this type of personal customer care just as impossible as trade fairs, which are also an important way for BOPLA to interact with customers.

Consequently, in order to be able to contact customers, the specialist for electronics enclosures is now offering two virtual tours of the company. The website provides an opportunity for customers to take a brief tour and to visit the most important production sectors, to use the 360° pan facility to inspect the relevant manufacturing department, and also to get a close-up view of the individual items. Clicking again on marked info points opens text windows with initial information and also additional links to catalogue pages and video clips. In order to have a detailed and guided tour of the entire company, it is necessary to arrange an appointment, but this is easily done with just a few clicks.

All that is necessary for a virtual visit to BOPLA using a PC or a mobile device is an internet connection – there is no need for a separate app.

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