NEW: Modular mast bracket for all BOPLA industrial enclosures

NEW: Modular mast bracket for all BOPLA industrial enclosures

Thanks to their high level of mechanical stability and also their resistance to UV radiation and changes in temperature, the Euromas and Bocube series of enclosures are the absolute specialists for outdoor use. They set the scene perfectly for modern industrial electronic products, which they also protect against extremely harsh environmental conditions, for example in IoT applications, in the radio technology sector or in smart cities. BOPLA has now developed a standardised high-quality stainless steel mast bracket for fitting to masts, posts, poles and pipes.

Five sizes for the huge range of industrial enclosures

The modular system consists of a mast bracket, a set of screws and a mast clamp. The special feature: BOPLA’s entire range of several hundred sizes and versions of industrial enclosures can be used with only five different mast bracket types. The positioning of the enclosures is not important, because fitting can be either vertical or horizontal. This flexibility is achieved by means of an intelligent arrangement of the drill hole diameters and positions, in addition to the partial use of slots.

Stable mast bracket for every application

The set of screws and the mast clamp are available separately. The set of screws can be supplied in three versions and combined with the mast brackets in any way required – the relevant configuration tables can be found on BOPLA’s website. The mast clamps are available in nine sizes for different mast diameters. This modularity gives the customer the exact matching system for any application. The mast bracket was designed especially for use with the Euromas and Bocube product ranges and can be adapted for other enclosure types on request.

Modular, easy-to-fit, robust: With the new mast bracket, BOPLA provides a practical solution for the secure fitting to masts, posts, poles or pipes of Euromas and Bocube industrial enclosures.