New at BOPLA: BoLink IoT sensor enclosure series

The networking of applications, also known as the “internet of things” (IoT), requires a large number of electronic devices which record, collect, evaluate and relay data. These devices range from sensors to communication nodes right up to gateways to the internet. Together with the new BoLink series of sensor enclosures, BOPLA is now offering enclosure series for every type of IoT devices. They protect the electronics, which ensures that they are playing an important role in the perfect functioning of the internet of things.

The very compact new BoLink IoT sensor enclosure is made of flame-resistant PC UL94 V-0 and is only 70 mm long and 42 mm wide. It provides space for a sensor, wireless module and a power supply. Thanks to its moulded-on insertion opening, it is suitable for the integration of a pressure compensation element, including for outdoor use. Depending on the type of power requirement needed for wireless technology, BOPLA supplies the small plastic enclosure in three heights: 15 mm for a button cell, 22 mm for three AAA batteries, and 26 mm for a CR 14250 lithium battery.

Mathias Bünte, the product manager who is responsible for these products at Bopla Gehäuse Systeme GmbH, explains: “Sensors are an extremely individual item. It’s true that large quantities are needed, but their applications are always customer-specific, and this is why we have developed a modular tool concept for BoLink. By using a basic mould shape, and various inserts for moulding different enclosure heights, wall brackets and screwing options, we can create a total of 18 variants of the basic IoT type.” Each height is available in three different versions:

  • with wall fitting and front access which makes replacing the battery easy
  • with wall mounting and a rear screwing system to provide a clean, attractive look
  • with a rear screwing system and without mounting brackets

In addition, every variant of the BoLink IoT sensor enclosure is available with two IP protection classes, as follows: without a seal = IP 40, and with a seal = IP 65. If necessary, the installation height of the electronics compartment can be increased by 1.5 mm with the aid of a seal.