Bocube Alu enclosure – now also available with a quick-release fastener

BOPLA is now offering a quick-release fastener as an option for its sturdy Bocube Alu series of aluminium enclosures. With this fastener, the enclosures can be opened and closed again without any need for a tool. Retrofitting in existing enclosures is easy and does not require any modification.

The new anodised aluminium quick-release fastener is available for all Bocube Alu sizes, and creates an attractive contrast especially for the dark grey enclosures. Now it is not necessary to unscrew and screw the enclosure in order to open and close it. There is no need for a tool, because the fastener is operated by hand only. No processing is needed to fit the quick-release fastener to the enclosures. In order to retrofit existing standard enclosures with the quick-release fastener, dismantle the two profiles for the hinged design cover and replace it with the new fastener. When fitted with the quick-release fastener, the Bocube Alu enclosure provides protection class IP 66/67 (when the fastener is closed).

The Bocube Alu series consists of eight different enclosure sizes. All enclosure components, including the hinges, are made of metal and are captive-connected to the enclosure. The sturdy electronics enclosures provide mounting space for rectangular PCBs. They have an attractive design and are suitable for the application. The features include a recessed front surface for the special protection of electronic components, captive and variably-mountable covers, and a special holder for pressure compensation elements in the enclosure bases. The enclosure screws are concealed. Natural-coloured anodised hinges and covers ensure an elegant contrast to the graphite-grey powder lacquering (similar to RAL 7024). Alternatively, the enclosures can be supplied in light grey (similar to RAL 7035), and the hinges are available in special colours on request.

The Bocube Alu enclosures impress with their high level of mechanical stability, good EMC screening, and their resistance to chemicals. They are resistant to UV and changes in temperature, so they are suitable for outdoor use in agriculture, traffic or the renewable energies sector. 

The complete range of the Bocube Alu series of enclosures as shown in the catalogue, including accessories such as pressure compensation membranes, laminated paper mounting panels, and various DIN rail versions, is available ex-warehouse from BOPLA.