Bent sheet metal enclosure – individual, yet cost-effective

Using the name “Interzoll Case”, Bopla Gehäuse Systeme GmbH offers six different basic enclosure models, and the customer can adapt these models' 3D CAD data to suit his own requirements. These data can then be used as the basis for the manufacture of the electronics enclosures using the bent sheet metal process.

The basic models in the Interzoll Case series consist of monitor, console, desktop and cavity wall installation and DIN rail enclosures, and inserts for 19” subracks. Versions with EMC screening are also available for some models. Together they provide a wide range of applications for the bent sheet metal enclosures, including railway, medical, IT and shipbuilding technology, in addition to video, sound and lighting technology.

Your tailor-made electronics enclosure in just a few steps
In order to prepare for the manufacture of a new enclosure, the customer downloads the required Interzoll Case model from the product catalogue on BOPLA's website. He then carries out the individual adjustments and adaptations using his own CAD program. The length, height and width of each enclosure can be changed, and also the necessary processing for drill holes, break-throughs etc. In most cases the end data are suitable for production, but, with BOPLA's assistance, they can also be used as a starting point for additional optimisation of the enclosure.

Cost-effective production process
Manufacture using the sheet metal bending process does not require special tools as used for example with plastic injection moulding or aluminium die casting methods, so the Interzoll Case enclosures can be manufactured very cost-effectively. The materials can be raw or anodised aluminium, steel and stainless steel. However, and on request, other metals and surface treatments can be arranged, such as galvanising, chromating, anodising, lacquering, powder-coating, printing and engraving. 

Comprehensive manufacturing technologies
BOPLA can make use of a wide range of technologies for processing the bent sheet metal enclosures. In addition to punching, laser cutting and chamfering, these include welding, spot-welding and the fitting of self-clinching fasteners.