Illuminated membrane keypads

The most up-to-date LED technology ensures maximum operating safety

By integrating light guides and scattering elements, BOPLA offers optimal lighting results for night design and daylight. The portfolio of illuminated membrane keypads consists of various designs and technologies which guarantee homogeneous, efficient and energy-saving illumination. In bad light conditions, the illuminated membrane keypads make work much easier, and in this way they ensure a reduction in errors by minimising incorrect operations. Even in dark rooms, this guarantees 100% secure operability. In doing this, the number of keys and their positions, the shape of the keys and the graphic design can be adapted individually to the relevant requirements.

Backlit Profiline for the highest standards

Whether vehicle technology, payment systems or medical technology – thanks to its long operating life, low energy consumption and optimal ease of use, the backlit Profiline membrane keypad is at home in many sectors. The space-saving technology used here incorporates dual-function key inlays which also act as a light guide. A special RGB LED allows a key to light up in various colours – a very wide range of mixed colours in addition to red, green and blue. In this way, different displays are possible inside a single key.

Even light distribution

In addition, with its NLF backlight (Night-Light-Foil) and EL foils (electro-luminescence foils) BOPLA offers two more technologies for even light distribution.. With the use of LEDs, NLF technology makes it possible to realise almost all back-lighting requirements in robust, compact and effective ways, from the single key to a large area. A low mechanical height and mechanical flexibility are additional advantages. EL foils also emit homogeneous light over the entire surface. Normally EL membranes are less than 0.3 mm thick, so they are extremely space-saving.

The ideal solution for every application

Whether for a narrow control panel with few keys or a complex operating surface with additional elements, BOPLA’s extensive portfolio, comprehensive expertise and depth of application skills create a background lighting solution for every situation.

By the way, in addition to improved operability in poor lighting conditions, the illuminated membrane keypad also offers an option for feedback for certain switch positions.

As a system supplier, enclosure specialist BOPLA also has special levels of expertise in developing and mounting man-machine interfaces. BOPLA, based in Bünde, offers a wide range of ultra-modern technologies which ensure maximum operating safety, even in poor light conditions and dark work environments.

Illuminated membrane keypads from BOPLA: The most up-to-date LED technology ensures safe, secure operation | BOPLA

Illuminated membrane keypads from BOPLA: The most up-to-date LED technology ensures safe, secure operation.

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