ALUBOS – new versions of an old classic

BOPLA is expanding its range of aluminium enclosures and taking this opportunity to add new variants to the ALUBOS series, which has been marketed so successfully for 25 years. In order to meet its customers’ requirements, the enclosure specialist from Bünde is offering the three most important profile cross-sections of the classic item with a new heat sink solution. In addition, the ALUBOS enclosures now include a horizontally-divided version and optional wall brackets for even easier mounting.

“High-performance electronic products generate waste heat, and this must be led away to the surrounding area by means of suitable measures,” says Mathias Bünte from BOPLA. However, effective heat dissipation represents a big challenge for enclosures with a high protection class, because air does not circulate on the inside. For this reason, and for the horizontally-divided aluminium enclosures in the ALUBOS series, BOPLA has developed a heat sink solution for the three most important profile cross-sections, i.e. ABPH 600 K, ABPH 1000 K, ABPH 1600K. The enclosure design is based on the ABPH profile variant, but the tried-and-tested profile base now has a heat sink profile. Bünte continues, “The combination of protection class and heat sink ensures that our aluminium enclosure is unique on the market.”

What is more, with the horizontally-divided ABPH 1600 variant, BOPLA is now filling a gap in the ALUBOS range. This design is especially suitable for the integration of touch screens and displays.

All the accessories, such as the manufacturer’s covers and seals, are compatible with the new heat sink profiles. If required, BOPLA will also provide appropriate processing instructions for cutting the profiles to length.

BOPLA has also continued to develop the popular ALUBOS enclosures with regard to wall mounting. Following requests by many customers, the aluminium enclosures are now available with new wall brackets which are moulded directly onto the lower profile. In the same way as the heat sinks, these wall brackets are also available as a variant of the horizontally-divided enclosure profiles.

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