Phoenix Mecano AG

The Phoenix Mecano AG company comprises technology companies which operate worldwide in the enclosure and industrial components sector, and it is a leader in many markets. With its focus on the professional and low-cost manufacture of niche products, the company ensures the problem-free functioning of processes and connections in the machinery and industrial electronics sectors. The products are used in the following fields, among others: mechanical and plant engineering, measurement and instrumentation applications, medical technology, aerospace technology, alternative energies, and the home, office and hospital care sectors.

Phoenix Mecano is based at two sites in Switzerland. The headquarters of the holding company and Phoenix Mecano Komponenten AG – which market all the products manufactured by the various Phoenix Mecano subsidiaries – are in Stein am Rhein. Phoenix Mecano Management has its headquarters at Lindenstrasse 23 in Kloten in the canton of Zürich, and it is here that operative management of the whole group takes place."

Divisions of Phoenix Mecano AG


Standard enclosures and aluminium, plastic, glass fibre reinforced polyester and stainless steel enclosures, machine control panels and suspension systems protect the sensitive electrics and electronics in the mechanical and plant engineering and the measurement and instrumentation sectors. High-quality membrane keypads form the reliable interface between "humans and machines", even under extreme operating conditions.

Mechanical components

Aluminium profiles, pipe connection systems, linear drives and conveyor technology components ensure well-engineered systems in the construction of machines and plant. High-performance and reliable adjustment motors raise and enhance the standard of living in the home and hospital care sector.


Intelligent concepts provide the solutions to tasks which are becoming increasingly complex, for example with coding switches, inductive components and connectors, backplanes, transformers and power supplies, PCB equipping, order development for electronics, and up to and including the complete subsystem.