BOPLA supports handball team

Since the 2011/2012 season, BOPLA has sponsored the first team in the SG Bünde-Dünne handball club. The team, trained by Peter Schläger, is currently playing in the district league, but is looking ahead to playing in the Landesliga (regional league) next season. We at BOPLA are keeping our fingers crossed for the team:

“We are delighted that Bünde has such a strong handball team,” says BOPLA's management. “Dynamism, fast action during the game, team spirit – that's what more and more people want to see, including in our home town. We are very happy that we can support the SG Bünde-Dünne club, and we want to play our part in helping the club to achieve peak performance. Handball communicates values which we also share: team spirit, the will to achieve excellent results, and being an important part of our region. These factors, taken together, create an extremely attractive and successful symbiosis – and handball is proof of this.”