BOPLA is an “authorised economic operator” (AEO C) for “simplified customs procedures”

With Regulation (EC) no. 648/2005 dated April 13, 2005, the status of authorised economic operator was introduced in article 5a of the customs code (Regulation EC no. 2913/92) starting on June 11, 2005. We, the BOPLA company, are proud of having attained this status.

Among other things, the status of authorised economic operator allows us to obtain authorisations for customs procedures of economic importance and other simplified procedures throughout the European Union in a simple process without the need for further comprehensive inspections. For our customers, this means increased speed and reliability in all matters related to logistics.

The granting of this status is tied to a wide range of preconditions relating to reliability, ability to pay, the previous adherence to the relevant legal requirements and, if necessary, the meeting of specific safety standards in the company. We are very pleased about this confirmation of the good work carried out by our team and about the many advantages for our customers all over the world which result from this certification.