Vacuum casting

You are looking for an individual and special enclosure, and you are having it made by us? Naturally, BOPLA's offer includes letting you see a more precise idea of your enclosure – if you require a large number of high-quality prototypes which are very similar to the later injection moulded part, then we can make this possible within 15 working days. Our choice of method for this is vacuum casting.

In the vacuum casting process, duroplastic moulds are made from silicon tools, and in most cases, parts manufactured with the stereolithography process are used as models for the production of the soft moulds. In the vacuum casting process, duroplastic moulds are made from silicon tools. The actual casting process takes place under a vacuum so that, on the one hand, the mould materials can be processed free of bubbles, and on the other hand, any resistance to flow caused by pockets of air inside the tool can be prevented – the filling of the tool takes place by gravity feeding alone. The result is a bubble-free, high-precision component with precisely defined characteristics. From a steadily increasing range of two-component PU materials, it is possible to select the precise material whose characteristics correspond most closely to the material to be used in later series production.

Your samples will be made available within a maximum of 15 working days. As the quality of vacuum casting samples is so good, they can then even be processed individually, for example by drilling, milling, etc.. Printing is, of course, also possible.

Information provided by our customer:

In order to be able to manufacture the samples you require, we only need the 3D data for the relevant enclosure.

Delivery time:

Delivery time is a maximum of 15 working days.