Selective laser sintering

You are looking for an individual and special enclosure, and you are having it made by us? Naturally, BOPLA's offer includes letting you see a more precise idea of your enclosure, so if you need to have small quantities of models of your enclosure, then we can make this possible within 5 working days. Our choice of method for this is selective laser sintering (SLS).

In laser sintering, highly stress-resistant prototypes are created by the melting on – layer by layer – of plastic powder. In this method, prior to the exposure and melting process, a coating system strews thermoplastic powder (a layer approx. 0.1 to 0.2 mm thick) onto the lowerable platform for each machine. The surface of the powder which has just been strewn is then heated to just under the melting point of the material. A laser passes over the component contours which are to be hardened in this layer in order to melt the material on a very localised basis. When the exposure process has been completed, the platform is lowered again and the process is repeated with the geometry data of the next layer until the complete component has been created.

Your samples are then supplied within a maximum of 5 working days.

Information provided by our customer: 

In order to be able to manufacture the samples you require, we only need the 3D data for the relevant enclosure. 

Delivery time: 

Delivery time is a maximum of 5 working days.