Individual printings - Silk-screen and pad printing

We use screen and pad printing according to your instructions – the method of printing is coordinated with the product. We print in RAL, Pantone or HKS colours.

Modern printing machines are available to our trained screen printers, and, combined with high-quality printing colours, this is your guarantee of optimal printing quality.

Silk-screen printing

In silk-screen printing, a rubber squeegee presses the ink through a finely woven fabric and onto the material to be printed. In those sections of the fabric where no ink is to be pressed through, the open spaces are blocked off by means of a non-permeable material.

Pad printing

In pad printing, the surface of the printing plate contains the recessed image which is to be printed. The squeegee presses the ink into the recessed image and then removes the excess ink. At the same time, a silicone-rubber pad moves from the material to be printed to the printing plate. The pad is lowered over the printing plate, so adopting the image to be printed. This means that pad printing is an indirect process. The pad then lifts off and returns to the material used for printing. 

Information required from the customer:

In order to be able to carry out the type of printing you require, we require the following information:

  • colours needed for printing
  • image to be printed
  • typeface and size
  • printing position(s)

You can supply the pattern in the following form:

  • sketch
  • sample
  • drawing