Laser marking

Unlimited design opportunities

With laser marking, our offer includes an especially fast and flexible process for the customer-specific design of all enclosure materials. This method is also interesting from the point of view of cost, because there is no need for new tools as, for example, with printing processes.

Flexible, abrasion-resistant and environmentally-friendly

Thanks to the innovative laser process, even changing layouts during every marking procedure are not a problem. In addition, the method is extremely precise, including with narrow line thicknesses and small symbols, and it also offers absolute abrasion resistance to chemicals. Because no additives and solvents are used, the marking is also especially environmentally-friendly.

The laser can easily operate on uneven surfaces which are normally problematical for printing, for example those with grooves, corners or edges. There are no limits to design opportunities using different shapes and fonts. However, the colour depends on the material which is used for the enclosures.

Enclosures designed to meet requirements

Individual improvements, mounting work, cable assembly or mechanical processing of the enclosures –  at BOPLA, everything takes place under one roof, if that is what the customer wants. Using modern machines, qualified members of staff mill, drill, countersink or cut the enclosures to size. In-house prototype construction, packaging which meets specific needs, and individual marking and labelling, complete BOPLA's comprehensive service offer.

There is no minimum order quantity.