Laser engraving

In addition to traditional methods of engraving, BOPLA can now also apply laser engraving to your products. The laser engraving process vaporises or melts the material, resulting in an indentation. The depth of the marking depends on the strength and length of time of the exposure to the lasering. In this way, aluminium components can be engraved with letters, numbers or images. The mechanical and chemical characteristics of the workpiece are not changed.

The entire process takes place without the use of any additional chemicals, and there is no need for preparatory or subsequent treatment. This means that it is especially environmentally friendly.

One important advantage for the customer is that laser engraving is permanent. In contrast to printing or labels, it cannot be removed. Consequently, it is extremely forgery-proof, and is not affected by an aggressive environment, even when the product is used for a long time.

There is no minimum order quantity.