One of BOPLA's service offers is the engraving of a very wide range of components.

Engraving involves the cutting of lettering, numbers or illustrations into aluminium and plastic components, for example into enclosures, part front panels, slot-in front panels and profiles.

Standard engraving is carried out on surfaces using an engraving cutter or miller. During this process, the rotating cutters remove material, and this creates a visual effect against the background. This effect can be increased by the use of lacquer – but this is only possible on an anodised surface. Black is the most popular colour for this, but other colours can be used. Any fonts and symbols can be achieved, but please note that the font width should not exceed 1 mm, but the font height should be at least 3 mm.

From the customer's point of view, one advantage of engraving is that this technology creates permanent marking. The good contrast achieved here resists most external mechanical influences. A serial number can also be engraved in the material.

There is no minimum order quantity.