Fitting membrane keypads

We design and manufacture membrane keypads and front membranes exactly to our customers' requirements – if necessary, integrated in supporting plates or pre-mounted on our enclosures.

Optimal quality can be supplied for each individual requirement on the basis of copper-laminated membranes or the conductor strips applied using silk screen printing.


We offer a complete range of processing and assembly services. Our customers benefit from fast delivery times, simplified ordering processes, and a reduced risk of faulty products.

This allows us to guarantee that the layer of keypad adhesive is ideal for each individual enclosure surface and that it fits exactly.

External contour:

The degree of tolerance must be taken into account in the planning of the membrane keypad or the front membrane on a supporting plate or in the enclosure. The contour can be designed as required to meet the requirements for each application.

Panel production:

Depending on the size of the keypad and the quantity ordered, we always try to provide the customer with the most inexpensive method of production. The larger the quantity is, the lower the cost of manufacturing on a panel production basis will be. However, note that a large number of panels can increase the tool costs. Consequently, to assist us in our calculations, we ask the customer to send us details of the total quantity, and of the quantity for each batch size, so that we can prepare a low-cost offer.

Please read our General Processing Instructions.