BOPLA Intertego and Filotec enclosures now available in new sizes

Thanks to their aluminium profile technology, BOPLA's Intertego and Filotec enclosure series are distinguished by their high levels of modularity and sturdiness. Their dimensions are extremely variable and can be adapted perfectly to each customer's individual application. The enclosures in both series are now available in new sizes.

BOPLA has added a 4 U height version to the Intertego series, and size F 1632 to the Filotec series.

Our customers requested increased heights, so BOPLA has added the 4 U height to the Intertego enclosure series, and the new variant has a height of 188.75 mm. The other characteristics and technical data are identical to the existing 2 U and 3 U versions in the Intertego series. The depth and width can be adapted to meet individual requirements. Alternatively, customers can select from 27 standard dimensions which are available from stock.

The base and lid sheets are made of aluminium, and the diecast corners are made of a zinc alloy. The Intertego series provides good electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and accessories make it possible to increase the screening performance. The Intertego enclosures are designed for the installation of 19” components. In addition to use as a design-orientated desktop enclosure, it can be used as a 19“ chassis. This series is supplied as standard in graphite grey (similar to RAL 7024), but special colours are available on request. In addition to the colour of the enclosure body, optional accessories and decorative elements can be used at any time to give Intertego an individual look. The protection class depends on the cover plates which are fitted – with ventilation openings it is about IP20, and about IP40 for the closed version.

New Filotec variants for large-sized circuit boards
The products in the Filotec range are mainly used as enclosures for interface modules, industrial PCs and also in the electronic power supply sector. The range comprises more than 100 standard enclosures consisting of six product series. Aluminium profile enclosures are available in several different heights and standard lengths, as are profile variants, so the user can find the ideal solution for his or her individual application. As standard, and depending on the model, Filotec enclosures are fitted with a 1 mm or 1.5 mm membrane keypad area. In addition to the standard designs, variants with an integrated heat sink and with moulded-on wall brackets are also available.

All Filotec variants provide protection class IP40 and use the same material. The anodised aluminium (Al Mg Si 0,5) in all Filotec enclosures has a simple but at the same time high-quality appearance. BOPLA has now added the new F 1632-xxx size to the range, and it is designed to meet the requirements of those customers who want to install large circuit boards in Filotec enclosures. The internal dimensions are designed to take a 100 x 160 mm Euro card with a horizontal format.